Why Hire Our Tampa Personal Injury Attorneys And Law Firms

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About Us

As one of the best personal injury law firms in Tampa FL, we undertake to work with clients who have gone through physical and emotional injuries usually caused by accidents or by slip-ups. Our broad solution list covers burn injuries, bungled surgeries, emotional and physical harassment among others.

We endeavor to offer world-class legal services and we are very well versed with insurance claim processes, evidence gathering, calculation and presentation of a claim for damages. This indeed makes us one of the best personal injury lawyers Tampa Florida.

About Tampa, FL

With its unique mix of historical architecture and modern structures, Tampa is a pulsating city located on Tampa Bay along the Florida’s Coast. It is a vibrant business hub and tourist destination offering a distinctive fusion of Cuban and Spanish cultures. Its business district is laced with beautiful urban parks, waterways and hip bars making it a fantastic place to work, play and unwind. With a modest population of approximately 377,000 residents and good weather, this city is one of the awesome location to be in.

What We Do

We offer to provide top-notch lawyers to help you receive the fair settlement from insurance companies in case of accidents that aren’t your fault. We facilitate a grieved party’s compensation through structured legal representation thereby saving you from tussles and haggles in dealing with intractable insurance entities.

Now, you have graciously completed your medical treatment, our team of personal injury lawyers will compile and submit a formal demand package to jump-start the negotiation process so that you can be amicably compensated. We bring together a heavily fact-driven, thorough and convincing written demand that ensures a better outcome. This is one of the most critical processes and we provide skill, expertise, and experience to go along with it.

We carry out extensive evidence gathering process using doctor’s reports, medical bills, and reports to build a strong suit against defaulting insurance companies. Ours is a stronger demand that methodically presents a client’s case leading to favorable settlement sometimes even without filing a lawsuit.

Why Should You Hire Us?

Our product line is tailor-made to offer you with the best legal services in case of the following scenarios;

  • When the insurance firm refuses to pay for your injuries
  • When you have suffered a long-term or permanently disabling injury as a result of an accident.
  • When you have been exposed to a toxic material as a result of careless contamination of food, air or water.
  • Negligence by a medical practitioner, health facility or any other health service provider.
  • Short term injuries resulting into enormous medical bills
  • Psychological suffering or illness as a result of another person’s negligence.
  • If a charge is filed against you by someone claiming negligence on your part.
  • In the above scenarios, our able attorneys will;
  • Make sure you receive fairest negotiated damages possible for your case
  • Give legal advice and determine if it is in your top interest to initiate a lawsuit.
  • Negotiate, discuss and agree on your claim and equivalent damages.
  • Enlighten you on the leading circumstances under which to accept a negotiated settlement
  • Perform all the related administrative work
  • Ensure that you receive up to date information on the status of your lawsuit
  • Communicate the gravity of your claim to insurers, medical providers and

Role Of Insurance Companies

In case of an injury, your insurance company will neither provide you with an attorney nor any legal advice concerning your case, their major role is to cover the corresponding medical bills.

The insured and the insurer always have very divergent goals, while you will be
expecting fair and just compensations, most companies always strive to pay as little as possible in case of personal injuries, in such instances, we offer
you with the best insurance lawyers to spearhead your claim.

Cost Implications

We provide fairly affordable packages depending on varied factors i.e. location and the kind of case you have, however, the major factor is the time duration it will take to resolve your case. In practicing, there are three broad-spectrum stages at which a personal injury proceeding can be determined;

  • Agreement before a case goes to trial
  • Agreement during trial
  • Agreement determined by trial

The more a case drags, the more likely that you may pay more since each stage in the process requires additional input from us; we cordially invite you to visit us so that we can discuss your case beforehand and give appropriate pricing advice.

Settlement Of A Claim

In most cases, settlements can be equally beneficial to both parties to a personal injury claim or court case. Reaching a settlement ensures fair compensation to the grieved party while boosting the insurance company’s business acumen. It is also worth noting that when a case goes to the trial, it can always go either way, we will advise if it is prudent to go for a settlement or to the trial.

It is a known fact that settlements remove doubts associated with proceeding to a full trial, sometimes the aggrieved party may opt for an early settlement rather than losing the case at full trial, this scenario presents a win-win situation for both parties. By using our services, you will be advised promptly on what most suits your situation.

Statute Of Limitations

A statute of limitations refers to the set deadline by which a personal injury claim must be filed with the court of law. We will advise you promptly on the expiration of the statute of limitations so that your claim shouldn’t be barred from hearing. Failure to comply with the statutory deadline may be severe since it can lead to you forfeiting your claim, with us by your side, be rest assured that this won’t happen.


If one is injured as a result of an accident in which he/she was either partially or totally at fault, then his chances of being able to lodge a successful claim are drastically reduced. To ensure a successful claim, our team has its way in convincing the jury.

It is our humble request that you consider our claim packages for prompt, professional and efficient service delivery at affordable rates.