Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Our New Website is LIVE!!!

Finally.... We have been working on a new site for two years, but we never got around to finalizing it. SO a few months ago we hired a graphic designer to generate our logos and we hired a web designer to design our site and he did a great job! See lighthousewd.com for more information about our designer.

The site is at WWW.COLORADOIPLAW.com.

It has over DOUBLE the useful content in an easy to navigate setting.

I might add that we believe this is the best Intellectual Property website on the web aimed at entrepreneurs and individual inventors, but, of course, we are a little bit biased.

Please review it and tell us what you think. Be forewarned, however, to fully peruse, let alone read, the massive amount of useful content, you will need several hours.

Next, we will tackle organizing the BLOG. Hopefully, this won't take us two years!



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