Monday, May 14, 2007

Kudos to Advent Product Development!!!

Between Oct 1, 1998 and Dec 6, 2004, they had a perfectly imperfect record! That is, of 2452 people that signed Phase II representation Agreements, NO ONE, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE made more money than they gave to Advent Product Development! The beauty is this is the number the company itself presented in a recent lawsuit as reported by our friend, Stephen Nipper, over at THE INVENT BLOG.

And those of us in Colorado are especially lucky because we have our very own Advent Product Development office here in the state. Let's all give Advent Product Development a call and let them know how we feel about their good work.

So if you have an invention and a lot of money burning a hole in your pants, it seems you can't go wrong with the boys at Advent.

(I have been told sarcasm does not transfer well in writing. So in case you were confused, I am not advocating anyone use Advent Product Development and in fact my opinion is you should avoid them and other similar invention promotion companies like the plague.)



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